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Pocket-Pie Die

Pocket-Pie Die

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  • Pocket-Pie Die for Pro Industrial and Standard Machines
  • Will flatten, fold and crimp your dough to form pocket pies quickly and easily
  • Perfect for pocket pies, turnovers, fried pies, empanadas, calzones, etc.
  • Durable ABS Material
  • Washable, dishwasher safe up to 80° C / 176° F
  • Two Styles of Crimped Edges : Gear & Scroll
  • Sizes : 5 inches to 7 inches 

Please note that our items are tried and tested on our dough recipes. Check out our recipes page as your recipe may have to be adjusted. 


*Canadians - to pay in Canadian Dollars please place order by phone using Visa/MasterCard or E-Transfer



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